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Welcome to the Sun Senior News papers - Serving Sun City Lincoln Hills and Sun City Roseville - for more than 20 years

 You will be able to quickly find information about advertising in our Sun Senior News Lincoln Hills and Sun Senior News Roseville newspapers here.

Why the Sun Senior News papers work — Our combination of MAILED distribution to EVERY home, focused content, and over 20 years of longevity make us UNMATCHED in serving these ideal Sun City Markets.  We reach 1,000s of homes every month that other publications don’t.

In a digital-age, Sun City Seniors still LOVE our “Old-School” traditional paper delivered right to their mailbox each month.

We are Targeted, Trusted, and Affordable Advertising, designed to let clients maintain an advertising presence that builds an image of stability and trust. We invite you to get us a try…

Please see Start Advertising for 3 easy steps to get started advertising. We are excited to answer your questions.  Please email us at

About Us

EGnews, Inc. is a family-owned business that began publishing community newspapers in 1989. We continue to publish positive local community news, believing that an informed community is a more involved and united community.  We published the Sun Senior News papers, the West Roseville News, and Antelope News.  Advertising information about all four of papers can be found at:

Contact Us

(916) 727-6383


It’s easy to start advertising…

Email us at: to let us know the following items:

  1. Which paper or papers.
  2. Which Ad size. (Click on “Display Ad Rates” for Ad sizes and rates)
  3. How many months you’d like the Ad to run.

We’ll design the Ad for FREE*

Email the exact wording and any images –  We’ll design the Ad for FREE*, then we’ll email an Ad proof for your review – that’s it.  OR, if you already have your own Ad design, please email it, and we’ll see if we can make it work with the Ad size you’ve chosen.

DEADLINE:  Our normal deadline is the 10th of each month; however, we can be a little flexible in some cases.  Our goal is to have all Ads ready to publish by the 15th of each month.  So, if we are helping with your Ad design, we need to get through the design, proofing, and approval process by the 15th.

PAYMENT: Advertising is pre-paid monthly. As an example, June’s Ad payment would be due by May 15th.  We accept checks, Visa and MasterCard. We will email a “Click-to-Pay” invoice,  OR you can download our credit card form here.  PDF  Download our Credit Card Authorization Form.

If you would like a formal Advertising Agreement,  please download our Advertising Agreement form here. However, an agreement is not necessary to begin advertising. We’ll confirm in an email which papers, Ad size/rates, and how many months the Advertising should run.

PDF  Download our Advertising Agreement Form.

*We offer free, basic, one-version design which you can review for errors or omissions. Although most clients are satisfied with our free ad design service, some client may want to consider the services of a professional designer or agency.

PLEASE NOTE: All Ad dimensions are approximated for convenience. Published Ad sizes may vary up to 3% due to the our commercial printers’s digital imaging process.

Getting started is easy… after you’ve looked at the Ad Rates/Sizes below, then click “Start Advertising” for 3 easy steps –  Start Advertising

For specific information about our publications’ ad sizes and rates, please click the name of the paper below:

(Note: We also publish 2 non-senior papers called the West Roseville News & Antelope News. The Rate table for those papers are immediately below our Sun Senior rate tables.  To learn more about West Roseville News & Antelope News papers, please visit:


Sun Senior News – Roseville Ad Rates
(per month prices – subject to change)
Width x Height
  Consecutive Months Running Ad
Size (inches) 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
5×3  1/8 Page $70 $65 $60
2.5×6  1/8 Page $70 $65 $60
5×6  1/4 Page $110 $100 $90
10×6  1/2 Page* $210 $190 $180
5×12.5  1/2 Page** $210 $190 $180
10×12.5  Full Page $320 $290 $270
Flyer Insert (3,600)  $250

Sun Senior News – Lincoln Hills Ad Rates
(per month prices – subject to change)
Size (Inches) – Width x Height
  Per Month
5×3  1/8 Page $100
2.5×6  1/8 Page $100
5×6  1/4 Page $200
10×6  1/2 Page* $350
5×12.5  1/2 Page** $350
10×12.5  Full Page $575
Flyer Insert (7,800)  $395





West Roseville News Ad Rates
(per month prices – subject to change)
Width x Height
  Consecutive Months Running Ad
Size (inches) 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
5×3   1/8 Page $90 $85 $75
2.5×6  1/8 Page $90 $85 $75
5×6  1/4 Page $175 $165 $155
10×6  1/2 Page* $320 $300 $280
5×12.5  1/2 Page** $320 $300 $280
10×12.5  Full Page $500 $465 $430
Flyer Insert (10,500)  $450

Antelope News Ad Rates
(per month prices – subject to change)
Width x Height
  Consecutive Months Running Ad
Size (inches) 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
5×3  1/8 Page $90 $85 $75
2.5×6  1/8 Page $90 $85 $75
5×6  1/4 Page $175 $165 $155
10×6  1/2 Page* $320 $300 $280
5×12.5  1/2 Page** $320 $300 $280
10×12.5  Full Page $500 $465 $430
Flyer Insert (11,500)  $450


PLEASE NOTE: All Ad dimensions are approximated for convenience. Published Ad sizes may vary up to 3% due to the our commercial printers’s digital imaging process.  The West Roseville News was published as the Woodcreek News until August 2017.

Display Ads, also know as “Print Ads”,  are specific sizes like 5 inches wide by 3 inches high (5w x 3h), and can have any combination of text images. The Ads are place long-side the articles in the papers, and are rotated each month to be fair to both new and long-term clients (there are a very few exceptions).

Classified Ads are “Text-only” ads with no images or formatting, and placed only on our Classified Ad pages.



Note: All Ad dimensions quoted are approximated for convenience. Published Ad sizes may vary up to 3% due to the our commercial printers’s digital imaging process.

FLYER INSERTS can be much less than doing your own direct mailings!  

You provide the flyers, an we’ll insert and mail them with our paper. Our papers are mailed by the US Postal Service during the first week of each month.  Our insert rates are based on standard 8.5″ x 11″, photocopy paper (20 lbs., bond). You are welcome to provide full-color inserts. However, paper weights over 100lbs will charged and extra $5 per 1,000 inserts for additional mailing costs. Other sizes may be accommodated with pre-approval. Just email us:




Sun Senior News: Sun City Lincoln Hills – $395. Inserts needed: 7,800.*

Sun Senior News: Sun City Roseville – $275. Inserts needed: 4,200.*


Antelope News – $450. Inserts needed: 11,500.*

West Roseville News – $450. Inserts needed: 11,000.*


INSERT CHECK LIST to ensure your insertion goes as expected:

1.) Deliver inserts to Gold Country Printing by the 15th of the month (this date can be a little flexible with advance arrangements).

Gold Country Printing is located at 1030 High St. Auburn 95603. Attention: Shane

FYI: Gold Country Printing is a vendor that does our printing, insertions and mailings.


2.) Payment for the inserts is due by the 15th.  Email us for an invoice to pay by credit card OR mail a check for the correct amount (see Rates above) to:

EGnews, Inc
5098 Foothills Blvd. #3-405
Roseville, CA 95747

(This is a UPS Store at the intersection of Foothills/Junction located in the Save Mart shopping center.)

3.) Email us to confirm that your inserts were delivered to Gold Country Printing – this is very important!

4.) Each box should be marked clearly with both the name of the publication and month.

For example, “Lincoln Hills Sun Senior News, July “

 If you have DIFFERENT / UNIQUE inserts for each paper, please make sure that we are aware of that fact, AND that your boxes are marked according (Roseville Sun Senior News ONLY, for example.)


Our publications are mailed monthly, generally around the first of each month.

However, due to the discretion that both our commercial printer and local post offices have over our deliveries, specific delivery dates cannot be known or guaranteed. It has been typical for our publications to be mailed in the first few days of each month

Events promoted in our publications should be scheduled after the 7th of month.


Inserts should be 8.5×11, 20lbs., Exceptions must be pre-approved. Heavier weights can be accepted. Generally the charge is $5 per thousand above our posted rates. Multi-page/booklets inserts are quoted by weight. Please email the weight of an individual booklet for a quote.

Sharing Insert space is not allow.

Insert clients may not share insert space with other vendors, or promote any service that solicits or provides advertising services/opportunities of any nature.



The requested number of inserts does not necessarialy reflect the exact number of issued mailed each month, and are generally higher to allow for postal route count changes prior to mailing.

The requested number of inserts is based on the number of homes included in the entire set of US Postal routes necessary to cover the target area. Routes vary often and may extend outside of the specific community targeted. However, postal regulations require us to mail to 100% of each route regardless if the route only partially covers our target area.

The number of Inserts requested are based on the current US Postal information available up to 90 days prior to mailings.

Classified Rates:

(Classified Ads are text-only ad; no images for specific formatting, place on the Classified Ad page).

Lincoln Hills Sun Senior News for one month: $35 for first 15 words. $1 per word over 15. $90 for 3 months.

Roseville Sun Senior News for one month: $25 for first 15 words. $1 per word over 15 words. $65 for 3 months.

West Roseville News for one month: $20 for first 15 words. 50¢ per word over 15. $45 for 3 months.

Antelope News for one month: $20 for first 15 words. 50¢ per word over 15. $45 for 3 months.

Submitting & Paying for Classified Ads:

WHEN: Please email your classified ad by the 12th of the month (May 12th for the June issues, for example)

HOW: Email your classified with the required info below to:

Your email should have the following information:
Subject Line should be the name of paper and phone number. (Example: Lincoln Hills Sun Senior News 916-987-6543)
1. Your name and phone number
2. Which paper or papers to place the Classified Ad in
3. How many months to run the Ad
4. Which category (Service, For Sale, Wanted, Announcement)
5. Classified ad text, including the phone number you want readers to call.

Payment: After we receive your email, we’ll email an invoice that you’ll be able to pay upon receipt, or mail a check.

*HINT on Word Counts: A “word” is anything separated by spaces, or as reported by word-process software like Microsoft Word.
If you have any questions, please email us at:


Display Ads are due by 10th of each month:  Deadline for Display Ads (buying a specific Ad size) is the 10th of each month. (Sooner is better).

Ad changes or new Ads for current advertisers should be received by the 10th of the month as well.

FYI: It is our goal to have Ads proofed, approved and ready-to-publish by the 15th of each month.

Our publications are generally printed by the 20th of each month.

Inserts are due by15th of each month: The deadline for insert drop-off and payment is the 15th of each month.

Classified Ads are due by the 12th of each month

Discounts: We gladly extend discounts from our full ad rates based two factors: the length of the advertising agreement, and ads placed in multiple publications.Discounts for agreements up to one year are published on our standard rate sheets. An additional 10% discount is granted for advertising in two publications. 15% for advertising in 3 or more publications. (We also publish the West Roseville News & Antelope News. Advertising info for all four of our papers can be found at: )

Note: Discounts apply only to the Roseville Sun Senior News, West Roseville News and Antelope News.There are currently no discounts associated with advertising solely in the Lincoln Hills Sun Senior News due to the demand for Ad space.

Discounts for Inserts:

There are currently no discounts available on flyer inserts, regardless of frequency or number of publications in which they are placed. Our insert service is mostly labor cost. Our insert rate goal is to provide an affordable alternative to doing your own direct mailings.


Discount for Classified Ads:

Discounts are granted for running the same classified ad up to 3 consecutive months. Discounts for the same ad run in multiple publications for at least 12 consecutive months are quoted individually. Email, text or call us regarding your situation: or Text/Phone: (916) 727-6383.


All Advertising are pre-paid monthly.

We can email you a “Click-to-Pay” invoice that you can pay with a credit card, setup as Auto-pay, or print and mail a traditional check.  You can also go “old school” and call and leave a voice message with the need card info, OR download the Credit Card form below.

PDF  Download the Credit Card Authorization Form.


To Pay by Check:

If paying by check, please make the check payable to EGnews, Inc. and mail to:

EGnews, Inc

5098 Foothills Blvd. #3-405

Roseville, CA 95747

(this is a U.P.S. Store at Foothills/Junction).

Please email a request for an invoice immediately if it is necessary for your payment process.


Credit Card Payments: If paying by credit card, your card will be billed automatically each month for your advertising until your advertising agreement expires. If paying by credit card, your card will be processed on approximately the 21st day of each month for the next month’s advertising (for example, your card will be processed on Jan. 21st for the February Ads).

You will be emailed an invoice or a receipt each month.

TEAR-SHEETS: We will continue to provide Tear-sheets to clients who request them. Many of our clients have found tear-sheets unnecessary.

If you would prefer to receive monthly tear-sheets, please email us with your choice of digital or physical delivery.

E-Tearsheets/Digital have become common in the industry, which are emailed PDFs containing your Ad or Ads from the same publication file submitted to our commercial printer for final printing.

Submitting Ad Info

If we are helping with the Ad Design, email the following info/items:

  1. Which paper or papers you want the Ad placed in.
  2. Which Ad size.
  3. The exact wording for the Ad, and any images (then we’ll design the Ad an email an Ad proof)

Email to:


If we are submitting your own Ad file:

Please email a PDF or JPG with the dimensions of the Ad size you’ve selected; no crop-marks or “bleed” needed. Our papers are black & white, but ad files may be submitted in color.

If you have an existing Ad file that doesn’t fit our specific Ad spaces, we might be able to make it work – please email the file to see if we can help.


Ad Design Guidelines:

We offer free, basic, one-version Ad design that you will be able to review for errors or omissions. Our free Ad design service satisfies most client. However, some client may want to find  professional designer or agency for their advertising designs.

– Photos and artwork should be at least 150+dpi and lightened/brightened at least 15% to compensate for dot-gain/darkening during the printing process.

-Photos are recommended to be well-lighted, high-contrast and sharp. Note: that great color-photos do not always translate into great black and white photo. Ideally, color photos will be converted and contrast-adjusted before inclusion in Ad layouts.

– Text photos/screened areas: text place over photos/screened areas is generally not recommended unless the text is larger (at least 14pts) and offers a high-contrast to its background. The larger and more contrast, the better.

Ad Content / Design:
A good print Ad design will communicate quickly – in a glance – what service or product is being offered. Once you have the readers attention, more details can be offered, such as bullet points listing the 3 top reasons readers should use your product or service, then contact info.

Please email us with any specific production questions or specifications: